NAAC - Institutional Assessment & Accreditation - B + (from 31/3/2021) Track ID: TNCOGN100628 / AISHE ID: C-45457. Recognised by Dental Council of India - Department of Health and Family Welfare,Govt. of India. Affliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University.




Library is fully automated using Auto-Lib Software- My SQL Version 5.0. server with Java based & Web technology version. OPAC facility is available.

ALMS (Advanced Library Management software) is an advanced integrated automated software, versatile, user friendly, multimedia interface and muti-user; web enabled for intranet and internet environments. It has efficient circulation management, book ordering and serial control, with due date reminders in e mails, transaction alerts through SMS, online diary, cataloguing as per international standards, export and import of data, tracking users and movement in library, and online stock verification. Sorting and printing large number of reports, statistics and export to different formats, powerful search engine (Boolean Query Builder) facility, allows WEB interface to search various databases, allows networking of libraries for sharing resources and data, display and printing of records in AACR/ MARC/CCF/Dublin Core formats/standards are made easy. It has interface to bar code scanners, printers, smartcards and biometrics.

1. Database management-

Cataloguing of books, Thesis, Proceedings, Standards, Conference proceedings, Reports, Patents, Journals, Articles, Bound Volumes, non book materials, CD, Videos, audios, Newspaper clippings, courses, e-books, Authority list of authors, Publishers, Suppliers, Keywords.

2. Search

designed to search the above databases using important fields and print the results in any desired formation.

i Simple search includes using important fields such as Accession number, call number, Author, Title, Edition, Year, Publisher, subject , keywords, department etc.
ii. Advanced Query Builder– to search the database by selecting the desired field(s),criteria for search (starting with, anywhere(like), truncation, word), Boolean Operators(AND, OR, NOT) and sorting order from a list of fields and printing in various formats
iii. Restricted Search – to search letter by letter

3. Circulation Management - Transaction

This module is designed for all types of counter transactions ( for all documents types) such as:

  • Issue/Renewal /Return/Recall
  • Reservation / Reservation Cancel
  • Reminders/Overdue receipt/No-due certificate
  • Overdue reports (based on many criteria)
  • Statistics/Reports for all counter transactions (daily/weekly/monthly/between specific dates)

4. Report Management

This module is designed to generate and print a large number of reports such as: List of books by author, title, unique titles publisher, supplier, call number, subject, dept, accession number, date, book type and list of journals/publishers/suppliers/members, etc. It also allows to print accession register, catalogues, amount spent by type of documents/depts/subjects and bibliographic reports. All types of statistics/reports for the management can be generated for AICTE/NBA,UGC/NAAC, IMC.

5. System Administration

This module allows to

  • Create new user log-in, password and grant rights to access various modules
  • Create group master – to set due date, allowed cards for different documents for different groups of users globally
  • Set over due charge at various stages/holiday
  • Maintain budget master
  • Back-up, export and import of data
  • Update database globally using various fields
  • Generate charts

6. Article Indexing

This module allows to create and maintain journal articles database. It also allows searching and retrieving data based on several fields/criteria.

7. Question Banks

This modules allows to create and maintain question banks and retrieve questions

8. Online Stock Verification

This module allows for online stock verification of library resources using Barcode Scanner, Data Capturing Unit and generate reports of books such as - missing, lost, issued, binding, transferred condemned, available, etc.

9. Student Gate Entry Register

To monitor the usage of Library resources by students, faculty and others

10. Web Library

This module allows to search various databases using browsers ( such as Internet Explorer) on LAN/Intranet/Internet environment using WEB servers. It has:
i. Simple Search ii. Advanced Search (Query Builder), iii. Dictionary based search modules.

11. Other features:

User Statistics/Online Reservation/Online Research Diary, User Profile Management, etc.

12. Web Counter Reports -

This module is designed to generate many counter transactions reports such as issue/return of books (daily/weekly) and based on several criteria.

13. E-Resources Linking

This module allows to link various e-resources on the web with details

All the books are entered in the software along with the front page and contents, so that the staff and students can browse the software and search for the necessary books. All text books, reference books, journals and back volumes of journals are all indexed in the software. This is attached to a server and works as an intranet to the departments and also remote access is provided. All the students are given bar-coded ID card which should be swiped for entry and also used for books issue and return. The students are given ID and password for remote access. Library services are exclusively virtual by providing open access to the online journals for both students and faculties for regular updated information. Tagore dental college library has a tie up with TN Dr MGR Medical University library for on line journals called e-consortium.

The library provides services like circulation, bibliographic compilations, information display and notification services. Library also conducts user surveys periodically for getting information about internal processes, levels and quality of services, facilities and library impact on institutional goals also future priorities.

JAPAR (Journal Articles Performance Analysis Reporter)

To monitor the research output (publications) in an institution - author wise- year wise - country wise - subject wise - IF - Statistics - Reports - Performance - Digital Content

Library provides various study materials for exam preparation like previous years question papers, question bank. Power point presentation of all lecture classes, lecture notes from various departments, posters and papers of various presentations, college programs details with photographs, publications of all staff and students are uploaded in the library software as well for ready access for the staff and students. This also works as Learning Management software.

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