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A Student Council is a representative structure through which students in the institution can become involved in the affairs of the college, working in partnership with college management and staff and parents for the benefit of the institution and its students.Student’s council members are elected by the students themselves with representatives from all batches of students and headed by the senior most batches of students. Members of the Student council is elected by the students or nominated by the students. The council is elected at the beginning of every academic year. The Interns play a major role and leads the council. All the posts are assisted by the junior students. All the batch representatives are present in the council apart from the talented students in the field. They have a term of one year.


  • Planning for Intra and Inter College cultural and sports events.
  • Participation with co- ordination of students in Conference and conventions at state and national levels.
  • Conducting social programs, volunteering public programs and health check ups
  • Student representative will voice the opinions of the student population pertaining to the conduct and organizing of such events.
  • Funding is provided for the programs conducted through college.
  • Look after discipline of college.
  • Represent students grievances to the management
  • Organising programs for the benefit and entertainment of students.
  • Help college in prevention of ragging.
  • Work in all committees of college and provide their feedback, grievances and their point of view.

The students are represented in the Student affairs committee, Anti-ragging committee, Gender Harassment committee, Cultural and sports committee, students’ feedback committee, Transport committee and NSS coordinators. They provide views and feedbacks during discussions.

The students are represented in following committees

Students Grievances cell

1 Mr. Akilash  Ms. Archana Second Year 8838019193 7358671739
2 Ms. Arsha   Third Year   8848117591
3 Mr. Parthiban 9952263740
4 Mr. Rahul 9566075136
5 Ms. Jenisha Mr. Shreeyan Final Year 9488933892 7401564502
6 Mr. Vijay Ms. Dhamini CRRI 7639090660 7401831493
7 Dr.Gowtham PG 8760168110

Anti Ragging committee

Mr. B. Karthik Day scholar 9500935785
Mr.Surya.N.G Boys Hostel Student 9842527298
Ms. S. Divya Girls Hostel Student 9965575847
Ms. Harshavarthana Day scholar 9840793311
Ms. D. Ashwini Final Year 9789042155


Ms Meghana Student Member
Mr.J.Sivasurya Student Member
Ms Archana Student Member
Mr Akilash Student Member
Mr Harris Student Member
Ms Sharmistha Student Member
Mr Shreeyan Nayar Student Member
Ms Janani Bargavi N Student Member
Ms P Keerthi Student Member
Mr Tanish Student Member

cultural committee

Ms..Roshini.A.M Cultural secretary (girls) 7299030078
Mr.Vinith Cultural secretary (boys) 9566203489
Ms.Pavithra.S Cultural secretary(associate) 8610571991

Sports committee

Mr.Ravin Kumar Sports secretary (boys) 7639609585
Ms.Nithya Sri Sports secretary (girls) 7358372043
Ms.Pavithra.S Cultural secretary(associate) 8610571991

Students Feedback Committee

  • Ms.A.Vijayalakshmi I Year BDS Member 6379939623
  • Ms.Archana II Year BDS Member 7358671739
  • Mr.Harris III Year BDS Member 8248098381
  • Ms. Sri Janani IV Year BDS Member 8300050735
  • Mr.Moinkhan CRRI Member 7845461008

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