NAAC - Institutional Assessment & Accreditation - B + (from 31/3/2021) Track ID: TNCOGN100628 / AISHE ID: C-45457. Recognised by Dental Council of India - Department of Health and Family Welfare,Govt. of India. Affliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University.


Tagore expects faculty to communicate information, ideas and values by using teaching methods and techniques that recognize a variety of learning styles, cultural backgrounds, and instructional settings. Instructional and curricular innovation is encouraged, as faculty should provide ways for students to be actively engaged in the work of the discipline. Recognizing that much learning goes on outside of the classroom, faculty should also be effective and skilful formal and informal advisors to students. Faculty should provide educational depth and breadth of opportunities in the clinic, the laboratory, or other hands-on learning environment whenever applicable.

For his/her teaching to be designated as outstanding, the candidate must have demonstrated that s/he is an accomplished teacher. Specific expectations concerning outstanding teaching at Tagore include knowledge of the subject matter, planning and communication of curriculum, supervision of students when applicable, creation of learning environments, fostering of student development and engagement, availability and receptivity to students, and fair evaluation of student performance.

  • Knowledge of the Subject Matter. An outstanding teacher will have a command of the subject, demonstrating breadth and depth of knowledge, and will be updated regarding the developments in the field.
  • Planning and Communication of Curriculum. An outstanding teacher will be effective in organizing the study of the subject, including defining student learning outcomes and instructional objectives, being well prepared for each class, developing appropriate syllabi and materials, covering material consistently and deliberately with good organizational planning, and structuring classroom discussions in a manner that facilitates learning. An outstanding teacher will stay abreast of new technology and innovation in teaching practices and be familiar with pedagogical tools. Faculty will be diligent in meeting teaching obligations, that includes generally beginning and ending class on time; submitting grades on time; cancelling classes only when necessary due to academic or professional conflicts, religious holidays, illness, or other exigent circumstances; and scheduling make-up classes or by other pedagogical means compensating for missed class time.
  • Supervision of Students (where applicable). An outstanding teacher fosters student to accomplish objectives while, in addition, encourages critical thinking and analysis.
  • Creation of Engaging Learning Environments. An outstanding teacher will create a classroom, laboratory or clinical environment that is conducive to learning and motivates students to learn. She/he will make effective use of different teaching methods and technology as appropriate. Further, the faculty member should be organized and an effective and clear communicator in conveying concepts through content delivery, questioning, and moderation of student discussion, as appropriate.
  • Fostering of Student Development and Engagement. An outstanding teacher will foster student engagement in the learning environment and stimulate critical analysis by students.
  • Availability and Receptivity to Students. An outstanding teacher will be reasonably available to students, including being receptive to student questions, maintaining regular office hours, offering advice to students on academic and professional matters, and reviewing student work in a timely manner.
  • Fair Evaluation of Student Performance. An outstanding teacher will fairly assess student performance including, when appropriate, creating appropriate examinations; developing guidelines for student papers or presentations; impartially grading student examinations, papers, or presentations; or creating and using appropriate tools for reviewing and evaluating areas of clinical performance, and professional responsibility..

The candidate can be recommended for increment/ incentive when he/she has achieved the following:

  • Continuous growth in peer reviewed publications that may include reviews and book chapters.
  • Publication in a PubMed indexed journal as first author that have been published from the work done at Tagore.
  • Research activity that has been conducted in his/her own department and also with other departments
  • Evidence demonstrating excellence in educating students and/or activities directed at student learning
  • Participation in both national and international scientific meetings
  • Receive invitations for seminars at outside institutions
  • Invitations Lecturer/panellist at specialty conferences.
  • Chairperson in specialty conferences
  • Supervision and mentoring of graduate or post graduate students
  • Participation in College and/or University governance
  • Active member in the Speciality Associations
  • Service as a reviewer of manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals
  • Participation in service activities consistent with Departmental, College, and University.

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