NAAC - Institutional Assessment & Accreditation - B + (from 31/3/2021) Track ID: TNCOGN100628 / AISHE ID: C-45457. Recognised by Dental Council of India - Department of Health and Family Welfare,Govt. of India. Affliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University.

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  • Should demonstrate commitment to professionalism in dentistry by respecting patient autonomy, by listening to patients and understanding their needs, by explaining clearly and thoroughly the treatment options and procedures, and by always placing patient welfare above personal interests.
  • Should accept and embrace cultural diversity, beliefs, different ways of thinking, and others’ priorities that are present among our patients, faculty, staff, and other students.
  • Treat the Tagore facility and the environment that we all share as if it were our own.
  • Respect the contributions and work of others.
  • Should “treat” or “care for” patients—and never “work on” patients.


  • As health care providers, should be committed to the principle that our patients not only require excellent treatment but also complete and clear information.
  • Be truthful with all patients regarding options for treatment, expected outcomes, risks and benefits, costs, time frame of treatment, and possible complications.
  • Be truthful to faculty and honest in performances on exams and the completion of homework and patient procedures.
  • Be truthful in obtaining faculty signatures and keeping honest records.


  • Understand that learning to provide patient care correctly ranks above grades and points and personal interests.
  • Assist colleagues when they are in need and always strive to be positive contributors to the Tagore community at large.
  • Report misconduct and participate in the process of peer review. Complete assignments on time and take responsibility for your education.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with diverse personalities and populations.
  • Learn to understand and comply with legal documentation.
  • Learn the limits of our skills and practice within them.
  • Honour time commitments, being punctual for lectures, labs, clinic, and meetings.
  • Learn professional obligations and learn to assess and resolve ethical dilemmas.


  • Treat every patient equally with no favouritism, and with no prejudice.
  • Understand that are all here to succeed. Discourage destructive “cutthroat” competitiveness.
  • Understand that all students are classmates and part of a healthcare team. Be unselfish to ensure that your classmates must have equal access to clinical facilities and patients.


  • Appreciate that patients may be fearful and may have difficulty understanding the information you provide. They may also have difficulty responding to your questions and statements. Listen carefully and patiently, seeking to empathize with them and to provide reassurance.
  • Work cooperatively to achieve success, without undercutting others.
  • Understand that being compassionate toward everyone creates a positive environment for all.

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