NAAC - Institutional Assessment & Accreditation - B + (from 31/3/2021) Track ID: TNCOGN100628 / AISHE ID: C-45457. Recognised by Dental Council of India - Department of Health and Family Welfare,Govt. of India. Affliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University.


There are 8 clinical departments and one non clinical department. All cater to the treatment needs of the patients. There are totally 257 chairs in the college with the necessary attachments. The departments are equipped with all the latest equipments as prescribed by the Dental Council of India.

The third, final year and CRRI students are posted in the clinical departments in batches. About 8-10 students constitute one batch of students.

The third year students are taught the basics of the department work, ethics and how to handle patient and the procedures to be followed before starting their work. The third year students are given simple procedures and the final year students are given cases with more difficulty and CRRI students are given cases which are complicated and greater degree of difficulty.

Personal attention is given to the students. The students are allotted to the staffs of the department to mentor them in the department, correct the case sheets, oversee their clinical work and also correct the theory and MCQ papers and record their attendance and progress. So individual attention is given to the students to teach them how to diagnose, plan the treatment and proceed with the treatment. Treatment procedures performed by the students are overseen step by step by the staff members and corrections and rectifications are suggested and sometimes performed by the staff members. Photograph and X Ray teachings are done in the clinics. Demonstration of various diseases, diagnostic criteria and procedures and surgeries are performed for the students. Seminars, OSPE, MCQ test, X ray test, spotters test are conducted for the students. Chair side viva and subject viva are also conducted.

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