NAAC - Institutional Assessment & Accreditation - B + (from 31/3/2021) Track ID: TNCOGN100628 / AISHE ID: C-45457. Recognised by Dental Council of India - Department of Health and Family Welfare,Govt. of India. Affliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University.


The estate officer and his team are responsible for the upkeep of the buildings, classrooms and labs.The estate manager inspects the buildings every month and undertakes the necessary repairs and maintenance. The Heads of departments and the Principal also complain about any requirements to the estate manager.

The dental college, hospital and hostels have a separate maintenance engineer who work under the estate manager and execute the maintenance works. Painting of the walls are undertaken every year. The college and hostel buildings repair and painting and other maintenance is looked after by a civil engineer and his crew members. The electrical engineer and the electricians and plumber work under him to attend to the electrical, plumbing and other repairs and replacements. There is a dedicated plumber for the dental college to look to the needs of dental college hospital and hostels. He maintains the borewell and its motors and pumps, Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant, dental compressors, water line and drainage of the hospital and hostels and also STP motors and pumps. The electricians are in charge and maintain and repair electrical lines and fittings and electrical motors servicing. An A/C technician is available for the maintenance of air-conditions in the college. In house carpenter is available for minor repairs of furniture and fixtures.

The in-house chair technician looks into the day to day repair of chairs and other dental equipment’s. Minor consumables for electrical and plumbing repairs are stocked, so as to attend to attend to the breakdown calls immediately. The Dental Chair technician is responsible for the repairs, maintenance and replacement of parts of dental equipment’s and fixtures. Any equipment which needs to be sent out for repairs are first recommended by him and with the permission of HODs and Principal, oversees the process of sending and bringing them back from the service centre. He is helped by the electricians for electrical needs.

The computer technician is available for repair and maintain the computers and change parts and upgrade the software, install the necessary soft wares for regular usage and anti-virus software’s are periodically upgraded. He also upkeeps and services the LCD projectors and Laptops of the classrooms, seminar rooms and college auditorium.

Below are the few campus specific initiatives undertaken to improve the physical ambience

Greenery and parks
Landscaping of the campus
Good roads
Periodic maintenance of infrastructure for upkeep of the outlook
Good housekeeping
Proper disposal of medical bio-waste, environment waste, kitchen waste, laboratory waste.
GJ Multiclave is the service provider for Hospital waste management.
Waste papers, cardboards, records and books are recycled by WOW initiative of ITC and returned as good A4 paper reams.

Annual maintenance contracts are maintained for bio-medical equipment’s like Microscopes, casting machines, ceramic furnaces, Peizo surgical unit, Compressors, OPG machines and printer, ceramic furnaces, CCTV, Computers and telephone and LAN network. AMC also is retained for the Cephalometric software used by the Department of Orthodontia and Oral surgery.

Library books are maintained well. Any old and torn books are bound and preserved. The back volumes of journals are also bounded for easy approach and use.

Transport vehicles of student’s buses, patient vans, staff cars are maintained in house by specialists. Small repairs are performed in house. Major repairs are performed by outside companies. A separate department exists for vehicle running, repairs and maintenance. We have a separate bus electrician also.

Sports facilities have a physical director under whom grounds man, marker and waterman work.

The maintenance team inhouse consisting of Mason, plumber, electrician, carpenterand service engineer are present, who regularly maintain the infrastructure and service the equipment’s.Surrounding the college trees are planted and maintained by gardeners. There are service engineers for RO plants, STP plants, solar panel etc to ensure they are functioning well. The waste disposal is done as per the norms of the government.

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