NAAC - Institutional Assessment & Accreditation - B + (from 31/3/2021) Track ID: TNCOGN100628 / AISHE ID: C-45457. Recognised by Dental Council of India - Department of Health and Family Welfare,Govt. of India. Affliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University.


The college is situated in the outskirts of the city about 15 Km from Chennai Airport and 7.5 km from the nearest train station Vandalur. The college is about 7 km from GST road. Hence buses and vans are provided for the staff and students for comfortable commuting. There are 6 buses and 4 vans covering almost all parts of the city- from the north of Chennai- Thiruvottriurur, Manali and Red hills to south of Chennai- Kanchipuram and Chengelpet.

The busses and vans have speed governor and experienced drivers are appointed to drive them. They have comfortable seats. The buses are cleaned daily and serviced & maintained regularly. The day to day functioning and running of the busses, service & maintenance, Insurance and Fitness Certificate of the vehicle is taken care of by Mr. Sashidharan, staff of medical college.

The buses and vans cater to the needs of both the Medical & Dental College staff and students. The routes are altered at the beginning of every year catering to the needs of the fresh students. Medical and Dental staff are nominated to oversee the functioning and take care of special needs of the students. Each bus has one person from the medical and dental students who will be in charge for maintaining discipline and regularity of the busses and report regarding complaints and timings. They are also responsible for sharing information among students regarding change in timings and other such matters.

Dr Makesh Raj, Reader Department of Oral Pathology is responsible for the daily transportation arrangements of dental students and also for special requirements like rescheduling buses for University Theory and Practical exams, Sports and cultural events in the college, arranging vehicles for transportation to attend conferences, CDE programs, sports and cultural in other colleges, Camps in and around the college and also to attend awareness programs and other activities outside college.

The timings of the bus routes are planned in such a way that they arrive in the college in the morning between 8.15 and 8.20 am and leave the college in the evening by 3.45 pm.

The transport committee oversees the smooth functioning of the buses and the students or driver is not troubled.

Student grievances committee was mainly constituted to solve the problems faced by a student. Transport committee is a constituent of this committee and all the members of the former committee are involved here too, to solve the transport related problems of a student. Apart from the staff members, this also includes student representatives to know the exact status and to function accordingly.

The primary aims and objectives of the transport committee is as follows:

  1. To ensure safe and pleasant travel for all the students utilizing college transport.
  2. To ensure they reach the college on time to attend all their classes.
  3. To provide transport facility for other purposes like camps, intercollegiate programs and programs organized by our college.

Duties of Transport Committee

The following were the duties of this committee.

  1. Allocation of bus/van routes for the first year students during admission.
  2. Allocation of bus/van route to other students (who didn’t opt for college transport initially) during their course.
  3. To ensure ragging is totally avoided while travel.
  4. Conducting meeting with all student in-charges of buses.
  5. Inspecting the condition of the buses and reporting for necessary actions.
  6. Periodically checking the documents of the buses (college and contact)
  7. Reporting to the superiors as and when required.
  8. Arranging buses for other purposes.
  9. Periodically check the students ID card to ensure that the students are travelling in the bus route allotted to them. In case of a need to go by a different route for any genuine reason, the student may be given permission.
  10. Check for the cleanliness and maintenance of buses.
  11. Receive complaints on the drivers, timing or comfort of the bus etc.
  12. Conduct enquiry and report to the Principal or to the transport depending upon the nature of the complaint.


Sl no

Member Name



Dr. L. S. Makesh Raj



Dr. A. Hemalatha

Member Secretary


Dr. E. Bharathi

Member – Teaching


Dr. L. Pravina Fernando

Member – Teaching


Dr. M. Manoj Kumar

Member – Teaching


Mr. G. Anantha Krishnan

Member – Non teaching / Camp Incharge



Student member (Boys)



Student member (Girls)


Second Transport committee meeting report held on 23/06/21

Third Transport committee meeting report held on 23/09/21

Fourth Transport committee meeting report held on 22/12/21



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