NAAC - Institutional Assessment & Accreditation - B + (from 31/3/2021) Track ID: TNCOGN100628 / AISHE ID: C-45457. Recognised by Dental Council of India - Department of Health and Family Welfare,Govt. of India. Affliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University.


The Dental Education Unit of Tagore Dental College (DEU/TDC) was formed in the year 2011. The Principal, Dr Chitraa R Chandran nominated the Vice Principal, Dr. S. Balagopal to be the Chairman of the DEU/TDC. Under the DEU/TDC, two sub committees were created. They were

1. Curriculum Committee
2. Continuing Dental Education and Training Committee.


As the TDC is affiliated to the TN Dr MGR Med University, the curriculum followed is formed and given by the University. There is little change that the institution can make to the curriculum that is given by the University. Yet from time to time the university communicates curricular changes suggested for improvement particularly in the area of assessment of candidates.

The institution has some liberty in the methods adopted by it to facilitate the students in acquiring the stipulated knowledge and training. In this area the dental education unit keeps abreast of researches and effective incorporation of methodologies that have helped learners in other institutions globally.

Further the DEU guides the various departments of this institution in acquiring and attempting the rational advancement adopted by other successful institutions. The members of the DEU of the institution meet regularly with scheduled notices to its members.

They discuss various issues brought out by the members with respect to education, training and assessment of the students as well as faculty, infrastructure facilities and teaching materials. The outcome of the meetings is recorded and communicated to the principal who after thorough scrutiny and feasibility assessment acts on implementation of the recommendations.


  1. It is an important segment of the TDC which works for the continuous enhancement of the proficiencies of the teachers and the betterment of the learning experience for the students.
  2. Helps wherever possible in the educational processes of the various departments of the college.
  3. Help wherever possible to improve upon the skill development training given to the students in the various departments of the college.
  4. Make recommendations to the university through the head of the institution when appropriate, regarding curricular modifications and university examinations.
  5. Review and coordinate with the departments to achieve the learning objectives in all the aspects of the curriculum that is specified by the Dental Council of India and that is stipulated by the university.
  6. Ensure that the curriculum followed by the departments is in compliance with DCI and the University and also help in elevating the standards of education and training to National and International benchmarks.
  7. Help draw Academic Calendar and schedule Time Table to see that adequate time is spent in each department as per DCI and University requirements.
  8. Monitor and ensure the quality of dental education and strategies introduced in the various departments of the college in improving teaching learning methods and assessments
  9. To explore and implement strategies that will continuously improve the professionalism and excellence amongst the clinical students.
  10. The DEU/TDC shall also be responsible for the conduct of faculty skill enhancement workshops on a frequency dictated by need base.
  11. The DEU/TDC work to educate the faculty on newer concepts in educational technology and training them to utilize these to give better learning experience.
  12. The DEU/TDC helps with appropriate suggestions on
    • Regular Formative student assessment to enhance students interest in learning and improve their performance.
    • Regular Student Feedback and assessments on staff to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
    • Scrutinize university examination performances in the different departments and provide guidance whenever required.
    • Regularly scheduled remediation classes for weaker students.
    • Regular Parent/Guardian Teacher Meetings
    • Parent/Guardian, Patient and community feedback for quality assessment from stake holders.
  13. The DEU/TDC will be responsible to conduct annual student orientation programs for the new students.
  14. Conduct Graduation ceremony for the Graduates and honor the academic performers.
  15. The DEU/TDC ensures the development of a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for every department for the better understanding of the protocols of the department for the students and staff.
  16. Promote understanding of safe practices and best practices in dental education, training and treatments.
  17. Ensure conduct of regular clinical society meetings and CDE programs and workshops for the benefit of the students and faculties.
  18. Encourage publishing of Research finding, Clinical materials etc.


1. Dr.S.Balagopal Chairman
2. Dr. Vandana James Member secretary
3. Dr. K. Mahalaksmi Member
4. Dr. Priyadarshni Member
5. Dr. Nivedha subburaman Member
6. Dr. C. Charanya Member
7. Dr. S. Parvathi Member
8. Dr. Lakshmi priya Member
9. Dr. Vinay sundar Member
10. Dr.Nithya jayaprakash Member
11. Dr. Sarath kumar Member

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